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Upgrade your skin! Juan Salgado is coming to LA ! 12/11 – 19

Tattoo Art by Juan Salgado (left) and Juan R. Lopez (right)
 — with Fk Irons and Juan Carlos Gonzalez.
“Radiant Garuda” Finally finished Erin Wannemacher‘s piece! All freehand, done with Fk Irons and Fusion Inks
Poseidon, the god of the Sea, also known as the Earth shaker… Done with FK Irons and Fusion Inks. This is a good example on how does a tattoo looks in freckled skin. Hope you like it!

L.A. Here I come! Heading to California, L.A. area from December 11-19th… First I’ll be working on a big surprise for all of you tattoo artists out there and then I’ll be doing a guest spot at Memoir Tattoo and Mike Cole‘s. Can’t wait to see all my friends down there and create some amazing art! Adam EverettShawn BarberKim SaighAdrian Dominic,Jared DriscollPeggy Shaw Everett

Awesome tattoos from Juan Salgado in Puerto Rico

“La Virgen de los Colores” Started and finished in HellCity TattooFestArizona. Thanks to my client and friend Ann Valdez for being such an awesome sitter. Done with Fk Irons and Fusion Thanks for looking!  — with Durb MorrisonAdam EverettJared Driscoll and Fk Irons
Laser Beams!
Had a great time HellCity TattooFest this weekend. Thanks to all my friends and clients for hanging out! I also had the honor of starting Sarah Heringhaus Solin ‘s right half sleeve on Friday so here is the first sitting, had lots of fun! Done with Fk Irons and Fusion Inks, Thanks for looking.  — with Fk IronsDurb MorrisonAdam EverettSarah Heringhaus SolinJeff Solin and Jared Driscoll
Here is a much better photo of the “Cockfight” tattoo. Done with Fk Ironsand Fusion Inks. I know the subject may be a bit controversial for some people so I will like to add that I don’t participate or support the event in any way, I’m just the artist and also It’s a cultural and pretty much “normal” activity here in Puerto Rico. Thanks for looking! Photos with cell phone camara.
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Juan Salgado’s latest work of art

“Radha” This were the first 2 consecutive days of tattooing of a 4 day “Radha and Krishna ” full sleeve project on a very cool client that flew in from California, I’ll post pics of the whole sleeve soon.Done with FK Irons and Fusion Inks Thanks for looking!

Amazing imagery from Juan Salgado in Puerto Rico

“Freedom” I had the honor of tattooing one of my paintings this week on a very cool client that flew in from New York. Two consecutive days of tattooing , aproxx. 14 hrs. in total. Done with FK Irons and Fusion Inks. Thanks for looking!

“Radiating Buddha” freehand ,100% healed . Done for now, continuing to his chest in the next sitting.Done with FK Irons and Fusion Inks. Thanks!

“Obsession/Deception” Done with Fk Irons and Fusion Inks, tibetan circle by other artist. I truly believe that tattooing can also be a Fine Art…

Fun neck piece I did on a very cool dude this week @Miami Tattoo Co. It’s a radiating crazy Llama, the beggining of a peruvian full neck piece. Thanks for looking! Done with FK Irons and Fusion Inks.

Crazy imagery from Juan Salgado in Puerto Rico

Started this a long time ago, finally finished! I dedicate this tattoo to Japan. Like the legend of the “Rising Phoenix” they will rise from the ashes and they will come out victorious from the big catastrophe. All my best vibes to them, thanks for the gigantic influence, lots of love for your culture… Done with FK Irons and Fusion Inks.

100% healed.

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