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Nikko Hurtado’s latest work #ink #tattoo #LA

his guy flew out from Australia to get this done.


The fist tattoo I’ve done while in Sydney Australia.

First tattoo while in New Zealand. Doing a black and grey piece today.

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Fresh ink from Cecil Porter in SoCal

this is marinas arm she’s a trooper all done in one massive 12hr session and she took it like a champ. Done with the Dragonfly tattoo machine, Fusion ink, And needles from the glove for the artist

gizmo sorry its a shit pic took the pic in a dark ass studio,Done with Dragonfly tattoo machines Fusion Ink and needles from Glove for the Artist
outlaw josey whales done with the Dragonfly tattoo machine, Fusion ink, and needles from the Glove for the artist


Tattoos from Darcy Nutt at Chalice Tattoo Studio in Boise, Idaho

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David Corden Tattoos from Ritual Art Tattoo

Autumn Muertos begins! Copied from the flawless works of 666photography! Joanne’s longest ever sit and she could have sat for twice as long! Fusion ink. Needlerunners. Dragonfly, Whip, Wrath tubes and Envy needles

Angela’s pin up after 15hour sitting!

First sitting on Jaime’s second pin up. Another 666photography masterpiece. Model AND makeup artist, Lisa Naeyaert

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Phil Garcia in Oxnard, CA

Every now and then I get to do something different, very challenging yet lotsa fun!!

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Brent Olson from world famous Art Junkies Tattoo in Hesperia

First pass, start of new sleeve.

On my homie Stephanie from vegas.


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Celebrity tattoo artist, Mr. Cartoon

Eminem gets a tribute tattoo dedicated to his fallen friend “Proof”.

Dr. Dre getting inked up

Travis Barker and his many tattoos

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