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VIDEO A Back Piece Tattoo in Under 4 Minutes by Darcy Nutt

A Back Piece Tattoo in Under 4 Minutes Tattooed by Darcy Nutt from Luke Holley on Vimeo.

You can find more on Darcey HERE

Hawaiian Themed Tattoo CoverUp by Tim Hendricks

I just finished this one on Emily. Not only do I love to make color tattoos but my heart simply belongs to the Hawaiian Islands. The bird is covering up a big tattoo Emily had in her ditch and the water at the base covers up a small one. Fun fun in the Island sun.

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Nikko Hurtado tattoos from Belgium

First tattoo in Belgium.

Second tattoo in Belgium

3rd tattoo in Belgium. One more to go

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Tattoos by Kyle Cotterman reppin’ Ohio

Back progress. with Eternal ink and Stencil stuff. Skin is raised from a few scars back there.

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Back progress. with Eternal ink and Stencil stuff. Skin is raised from a few scars back there.
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Awesome sleeve tattoos by John Wayne at Bee Sting in Ontario

Done!!! got a healed pic of this sleeve, it was sooo much fun and a great theme!!!! thanx homie… grow another arm for me will ya !!!! custom design done with the Dragonfly tattoo machines. Fusion Inks — with Chris Askin.
Finished!!!!! gonna have him come back in a month or two to tighten up some stuff, but this is it. Was a blast Dustin, thanx so much for the opportunity to do something so fricken coooool!!!! custom design — with Dustin Rivait.
INISHED!!!! So happy with it 🙂 Thans xo much Gary for bringing me such a cool piece to work on.
custom design done with the Dragonfly and Stigma tattoo machines. Fusion Inks — withGary Mckenzie.
For the most part done, were gonna hit Bob Marley with some more black in a month and tighten up a few areas, but voila. Thanx so much Joe for this amazing opportunity to do this, was truly a great pleasure!!!!! custom design — with Joseph Fenech.
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Tattoos by Jason Kundell at Art Work Rebels

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Congrats to Roman on Artistic Elements 2 on Melrose, in Hollywood

Roman Albrego’s Artistic Element 2 open for business

Sabina Kelley and Roman Albrego

Best Ink’s Kimberly Caldwell at Artistic Element 2 Grand Opening

Best Ink, tattoo submittal

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