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Stanley Cup champ Brad Marchand gets misspelled tattoo

Brad Marchand confirms his Stanley Cup tattoo wasn’t spell-checked

By Greg Wyshynski

When the Boston Bruins celebrated their 2011 Stanley Cup championship with a $156,000 bar tab andhalf-naked dancing at a Foxwoods casino club, it was our first glimpse at the fresh ink commemorating the Cup on players like rookie Brad Marchand(notes)

However, there was always something curious about Marchand’s tattoo. Like the way “Stanley” nearly looked like “Starley”; and the way “champions” sure did resemble “champians.”

Did the artist forget to run spell-check on Brad Marchand’s ink? The answer, spelled correctly: Y-E-S.


Brad Marchand confirms his Stanley Cup tattoo wasn’t spell-checked

Carolina Panthers owner tells Cam Newton not to get tattoos WTF?

Jerry Richardson doesn’t want Cam Newton to get any tattoos

By Chris Chase

Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson has asked No. 1 draft pick Cam Newton to stay clear of tattoos and piercings.Jerry Richardson doesn’t want Cam Newton to get any tattoos

At their first meeting, Richardson asked the star quarterback whether he had either of those things. Newton responded, “No, sir.” Richardson said he’d like to keep it that way.

He told this to Charlie Rose of PBS during a recent interview. Rose said the owner sounded like Vince Lombardi.

“No, I just sound reasonable to me,” he replied.

If you’re frothing at the mouth right now getting ready to unload on Richardson in the comments section, let me stop you right here. Yes, he sounds like Ward Cleaver talking to Wally and the Beav. Yes, it’s hypocritical because his team’s star player for the past decade hastattoos all over his arms. It’s not unfair, though.

There’s a reason my buddy who has tattoos all over his arms has to wear long sleeves every day to work at his law firm, even in the dead of summer. There’s a reason my girlfriend can’t wear jeans to work. You have to adhere to the rules of your place of business. Cam Newton is getting $22 million over the next four years. You could argue he has less of a reason to complain about workplace restrictions than someone making a reasonable salary.* Surely getting some trite tattoo on his right bicep isn’t worth upsetting the guy who signs your checks. READ THE REST HERE ON YAHOO

NBA player Monta Ellis get a huge tree tattoo on his chest.

Posted by Trey Kerby under Golden State WarriorsTattoos on May 23, 2011

As far as entire chest family tree tattoos go, this is one of the most detailed I’ve seen. The bark, the roots, the spaces for the nipples and bellybutton — very tree. Very Forbidden Forest. Very ouch. via