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Tattoos by Jason Kundell at Art Work Rebels

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Ryan Mason getting down….

Peacock Tattoo by Ryan Mason at Scapegoat Tattoo in Portland, OR from Gerard Hopkins on Vimeo.

Tattoos in progress by Jeff Gogue

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Fun tattoos by Chris at Area 51 in Springfield, Oregon

Star Wars Totem Won “Best in Show” Norwich, England Body Art Expo 2011 All done with Formula 51 Inks

Junior Jogger In progress, still need a background and trail of junior mints.
Nicole’s sock monkey
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Bad a$$ tattoos from Ryan Mason

dustin still has an arm to finish, but we decided to just knock this thing out while we had the chance. i’m pretty stoked on it, and the whole thing only took about 7-8 hours. that said, i think this will be the last deer/elk tattoo i do(with the exception of completing a few that i’ve already started).

an dear old friend of mine from NH visited portland from phoenix, and had me tattoo a tiger-moth on her throat (!). it was the first time i’d ever worked on a tattoo with that placement, and i’m pretty excited about it. she sat like a champ and it was, all-around, and excellent experience. thanks lexy! more tattoos like this, please.

i did this violin-fish on my lovely friend and co-worker, silje hagland. it’s for her grandpa and i’m glad i didn’t mess it up because grandpas are cool…. plus i’m going to have to look at it a lot.

i got a chance to get good healed photos of larissa’s leg here, which i’m pretty stoked on. black and grey can be super awesome sometimes.

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Tattoos from Joshua Carlton in Eugene, Oregon

I had the honor of tattooing the amazing Kyle Cotterman today. Thanks man it was a blast! allaprima greywash set

Phone pic of Jacobs hand. Allaprima Zao black and greywash set.
 — withJacob DeWeese.
heres a few close up shot
Next day photo, I cant seem to get a good photo thats not warped because of the placement. New allaprima warm fleshtones .

Tattoos and machines by Seth B. Ciferri

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