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Check out these tattoos by Sarah Schor at King Ave. Tattoo NY

This bearded lady was Christina’s first tattoo and she sat like a rock. Way to go big, at Kings Ave N.Y.C.

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Tattoos from Lango at Skull and Sword in SF, Cali

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[VIDEO] What Rico Genest (AKA Zombie Boy) looks like with and without tattoos

More ink from Jeff Ensminger

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Stefano Alcantara tattoos in NYC

Sleeve Inspired in Tessar Lo Paintings and Chest and back are custom Portraits.
 — with A Pawns Rebellion.

Inside arm or the Mardi Gras i’m working on
Sept 2010

1st piece on a good friend of Toxyc the model Fiona Bergson … soon her half sleeve animal theme.
good people!

Mind bending Biomechanical tattoos by Roman Abrego


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Fun tattoos from loltatz

I just got this Shanghai Charlies Tattoo by Miguel Sanchez

Braaaaaaains by Darik Dang @ Bulldog Lifestyles in East San Jose

speechless at how stupid this is

Slant Face :/

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