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New ink by Tim Hendricks at NYink a.k.a. Wooster St. Social Club tattoo

Dragon Sleeve

I have always been fascinated with the rules of composition, how a image is laid to down to be comfortable to look at or even trick the eye. There is so much to be studied and learned in the composition of a flat 2 dimensional piece of art. This makes me want to vomit when I commit to a Japanese sleeve, where I must compose something that has to look good and correct from every angle of the arm. I just go back to my memory bank of everything Chris Garver taught me and all that I learned from watching the guys at Invisible NYC work. I made this sleeve on my friend Chris Hanson and just got some healed photos of it yesterday, I hope I have done the Japanese tattoo a little justice.

Gypsy Head

No need for me to write too much on this post. This one is purely visual. Enjoy

On July 4, 1776, the same day we declared ourselves independent nation, Congress began to design the Great Seal. It was finished by Charles Thomson and officially adoptedon June 20, 1782 (six years before the Constitution). Its design has remained unchanged since then. I mad this tattoo of The Great Seal the other day on my good friend Bill, although we did change it slightly. Normally the eagle looks towards the olive branch and not the arrows, symbolizing that we look toward peace and are prepared for war. Bill had me change it having the eagle looking towards the arrows instead, we also replaced the words with “war is peace”. I like the changes, it sort of fits our country today better; wouldn’t you say? Anyhow, I traded this tattoo for aWalther P99 .40 which fit the whole tattoo perfectly.

Pin-up Nurse

I took this idea from a Sailor Jerry drawing, redrew it, gave it a West Coast feel and laid it down.

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Pinup pics from Jenna Smith

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