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Tattoos: Pop Portraits, Japanese Traditional, American Eclectic | Off Book | PBS

BJ Betts is visiting Skull and Sword Tattoo in SF, May 8th -12th 2012

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Yet another tattoo for Margaret Cho.. sigh at least its by Chris O’Donnell ;)

” Margaret is one of my favorite clients and she also has a great collection from a lot of talented tattooers. ” ~ Chris

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I used to think she was funny a decade ago now she looks like a bloated Asian Kat Von D with too much time on her hands. ~ Inked

Black and Grey tattoos by Jondix

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[VIDEO] New tattoos from Adrian Lee at Analog Tattoo

THE PATH: CASCADING CORES from Analog Tattooers on Vimeo.

THE PATH: HEARTWING from Analog Tattooers on Vimeo.

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Check out these tattoos by Sarah Schor at King Ave. Tattoo NY

This bearded lady was Christina’s first tattoo and she sat like a rock. Way to go big, at Kings Ave N.Y.C.

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Nice Elvis portrait tattoo by Roman Abrego in LA

Here’s nice back piece in progress…

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