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Realistic tattoos by Cecil Porter

ashes hands all done side by side nice pair eh almost as beautiful as her (awwwwww!) done with the dragonfly tattoo machine fusion ink and needles from the glove for the artist
Miles Davis had a ton of fun on this piece really cool pic, Done with the Dragonfly tattoo machine, Fusion ink, and needles from The glove for the artist
 Jesus half sleeve done over 2 days back to back 11hrs total. Done with the Dragonfly tattoo machine, Fusion ink, and needles from The glove for the artist

New ink from the crew at Skull and Sword, SF



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Micro tattoos by Ben Grillo in Oceanside, CA

Can you hear me now?!?

Luke’s Mason tac

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[VIDEO] I Am Bruce Lee Trailer

I Am Bruce Lee Trailer

Coming to theaters this February is the new documentary I Am Bruce Lee. Featuring footage from the likes of The Big Boss, First of Fury, Way of the Dragon, Enter the Dragon and The Game of Death, the film delves into the life of Bruce Lee and his current legacy in both martial arts and entertainment. The piece also contains interviews with those who knew him most intimately, as well as a range of people from international boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao and Lakers star Kobe Bryant, to UFC’s Dana White and current Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones. The video catches up with each celebrity as they address the impact of the martial arts superstar and cultural icon on their own lives and psyche. I Am Bruce Lee opens February 9 through select theaters.

Black and Grey Skull tattoos by Carlos Rojas in LA at Black Anchor

Taadows Leg New tatt by Carlos Rojas of Black Anchor Collective

Killer Skull done by an incredible artist that is Carlos.
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Stefano Alcantara’s latest work

Custom piece done in Tattoolapalooza convention 2012

First session of this custom piece!  happy how is coming up!

Piece i did on the great artist Pepper SpicyTattoos , such an honor to do that meaningful piece!’

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Tattoos by John Wayne at Bee Sting Tattoo

Done! 🙂 great fun with this piece, thanx so much for your patienec Matt. custom design

FINISHED!!!! So happy with it 🙂 Thans xo much Gary for bringing me such a cool piece to work on.
custom design

Some fun last minute new skool skull squid action… just something fun on short notice 🙂
custom design

Gotta love Colour Bomb Tattoos 🙂 Thanx Kelly for letting me some cool fun stuff!!! 🙂

Thanx Justin for the great opportunity on this one 🙂 customized design

A fun little shoulder piece , this tattoo is only 5 inches tall 🙂 custom design

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