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[VIDEO] Tattoo Age with Mutsuo see him at the Convention of tattoo arts, SFO Oct 26-28, 2012

I love Mutsuo’s work, I was lucky to get tattoo’d by him 3 years ago at the Convention of Tattoo Arts in SFO. Three Tides Tattoo rules!!!!

Save the date, Convention of the Tattoo Arts Oct 26-28, 2012 SFO Hyatt

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#VIDEO #Tattoo Age Season 2

Love this series… featuring Mutsuo and Stuart Robson… I own tattoos by both of them.. so proud to have these in my collection…

Get yours at the 2012 Convention of the tattoo arts in October

VIDEO David Tevenal: Tattoo Flash

David Tevenal: Tattoo Flash from Seanie G Productions on Vimeo.

New bio-mechanical tattoos by Carson Hill



Photo: One more session to go. There are probably at least 50 hours in this sleeve


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Hawaiian Themed Tattoo CoverUp by Tim Hendricks

I just finished this one on Emily. Not only do I love to make color tattoos but my heart simply belongs to the Hawaiian Islands. The bird is covering up a big tattoo Emily had in her ditch and the water at the base covers up a small one. Fun fun in the Island sun.

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Tattoos: Pop Portraits, Japanese Traditional, American Eclectic | Off Book | PBS