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VIDEO A Back Piece Tattoo in Under 4 Minutes by Darcy Nutt

A Back Piece Tattoo in Under 4 Minutes Tattooed by Darcy Nutt from Luke Holley on Vimeo.

You can find more on Darcey HERE

Great Asian art from my visit to the American Museum of Natural History in New York

Check out these ancient art pieces from the Asian section of the museum, I love the detail. Notice the little skulls on the head?

I’m not quite sure the significance of bulls in the piece but, they are use a lot in these paintings. These would make great tattoos!!! ;0)

Yet another tattoo for Margaret Cho.. sigh at least its by Chris O’Donnell ;)

” Margaret is one of my favorite clients and she also has a great collection from a lot of talented tattooers. ” ~ Chris

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I used to think she was funny a decade ago now she looks like a bloated Asian Kat Von D with too much time on her hands. ~ Inked

Awesome sleeve tattoos by John Wayne at Bee Sting in Ontario

Done!!! got a healed pic of this sleeve, it was sooo much fun and a great theme!!!! thanx homie… grow another arm for me will ya !!!! custom design done with the Dragonfly tattoo machines. Fusion Inks — with Chris Askin.
Finished!!!!! gonna have him come back in a month or two to tighten up some stuff, but this is it. Was a blast Dustin, thanx so much for the opportunity to do something so fricken coooool!!!! custom design — with Dustin Rivait.
INISHED!!!! So happy with it 🙂 Thans xo much Gary for bringing me such a cool piece to work on.
custom design done with the Dragonfly and Stigma tattoo machines. Fusion Inks — withGary Mckenzie.
For the most part done, were gonna hit Bob Marley with some more black in a month and tighten up a few areas, but voila. Thanx so much Joe for this amazing opportunity to do this, was truly a great pleasure!!!!! custom design — with Joseph Fenech.
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Tattoos by Jason Kundell at Art Work Rebels

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Dana Helmuth tattoos rock!

Looking for unique  Tattoos? dragon backpiece

gold dragon and water and clouds. also did the sleeves, one has a black koi and mums and the other has a snake and peonies.

Looking for unique  Tattoos? snake and peonies sleeve

three quarter sleeve with snake and peonies and clouds.

Looking for unique  Tattoos? untitled


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Asian style tattoos by Dana Helmuth in NY

Looking for unique  Tattoos? snake and peonies sleeve

snake and peonies sleeve

Looking for unique  Tattoos? koi and peonies

Koi and Peonies

Looking for unique  Tattoos? dragon backpiece

Dragon Backpiece

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