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Grant Cobb tattoos

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Black and Grey tattoos by Jondix

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Stewart Robson’s latest tattoos at Frith Street Tattoo, UK

Hannya, Snake & Chrysanthemums


Chris has been a client of mine for over four years now.

Shortly after I first moved to Frith Street Tattoo he asked me to tattoo the insides of his upper arms to fill out the area of a half sleeve around some existing tattoos. Since then I’ve extended those tattoos down to his wrists then into chest panels. I tattooed his feet and the lower half of one of his legs. In March 2011 I started extending his chest panels down his ribs. In February 2011 we finished all current in-progress work.
Thanks Chris, for your dedication and patience. I look forward to your next project…

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Great tattoos by Kim Saigh in LA

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Love these realism tattoos by Dmitriy Samohin

Intenze ink+Dragonfly machine

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Tattoos by John Wayne at Bee Sting Tattoo

Done! 🙂 great fun with this piece, thanx so much for your patienec Matt. custom design

FINISHED!!!! So happy with it 🙂 Thans xo much Gary for bringing me such a cool piece to work on.
custom design

Some fun last minute new skool skull squid action… just something fun on short notice 🙂
custom design

Gotta love Colour Bomb Tattoos 🙂 Thanx Kelly for letting me some cool fun stuff!!! 🙂

Thanx Justin for the great opportunity on this one 🙂 customized design

A fun little shoulder piece , this tattoo is only 5 inches tall 🙂 custom design

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Hot pics of NY Ink’s Megan Massacre

Shot for the fall issue of East Coast Ink Mag 2008

Lingerie by Purrfect Pineapples