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Bernadette Macias and her hot ink

FreshPeaches Bikinis photo by Brandon Buie MUA/Hair La Dama

FreshPeaches Bikinis MUA/hair Morgan Panther Photo by EternalExposure

Sullen Clothing for Tattoofest magazine. Makeup by DanielleBee, shot by Mistory photograghy.

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Tattoos by Chris Torres in Brooklyn, NYC

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Tattoos from NY Ink’s Tommy Montoya

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Fresh Ink from Cecil Porter in SoCal

Ryan Dunn or Zach Galafanakis


New York Ink’s Meghan Massacre and her work

Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook I did on a Peter Pan Sleeve I’m working on.

Back of thigh piece done at NIX in Toronto

Meghan herself… Photo by Liz Besanson.

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[VIDEO] NY Ink: M-E-T-H-O-D Man gets Inked

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Tattoos from Mike Demasi at Art Junkies

work in progess, done using intenz

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