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[VIDEO] 2011 Convention of Tattoo Arts, SF California

Photos from the 2011 Convention of tattoo arts in SF, CA

Horitomo tattooing with Shige in the background..
The lucky recipient of a Shige sleeve tattoo, this guy had to go to Japan wait for a few hours just to get an appt in San Francisco.. It took 2
and a half hours to do the outline you see..
One of my favorite artists, Henry Lewis getting down.. see more at

Photos from the BLOODWORK BODIES party and gallery show


 This tattoo (its maker, carrier, and photo of it) transcends… BloodWork: Bodies 


Chris Brand’s skillful rendition of one of the 108 Heroes of the Suikoden.  This path Chris is exploring really excites me.  His reinterpretations translate perfectly.  I look forward to seeing which character he tackles next.

See more this weekend at the Convention of the tattoo arts Oct 21 – 23, 2011

More details on the book HERE



A Convention of the tattoo arts starts today in SF Oct 21-23, 2011 be there!!!!

[VIDEO] 2011 Convention of Tattoo Arts coming to SF this weekend

Get your ticket at

Tattoos by Yutaro at Skull and Sword Studio, SF

See more at

Getting tattoo’d by Grime at the Convention of Tattoo Arts 10/21 – 23

I still don’t know what to get… I was thinking skull and snake on my forearm under my Tiger tattoo, any suggestions?

See more at .

You can check out his new book at

More details at the Convention of Tattoo Arts HERE.