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[VIDEO] See the world through Spidey’ Eyes

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Trailer Shows the World Through Spidey’s Eyes

By Matt McDaniel | Movie Talk – 3 hours ago

In the original three “Spider-Man” movies, we got a good look into the life of Peter Parker.  But in the first trailer for next year’s new version, “The Amazing Spider-Man,” we actually get to see through his eyes as he runs, climbs, and swings across the skyscrapers of New York City.

“The Amazing Spider-Man” takes the character of Peter Parker — played this time by Andrew Garfield (“The Social Network”) — back to high school before he was bitten by a spider and given superpowers.  But certain elements of his story are different than in the original movies.  His crush is not Mary Jane Watson, but Gwen Stacy (played by Emma Stone).  In the comic books, Peter met Gwen before he was introduced to Mary Jane.


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