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Mini Space Invaders arcade cabinet?

Mini Space Invaders arcade cabinet big on nostalgia, small in size By   posted Jul 11th 2011 at 5:55PM

Always wanted an 80’s arcade cabinet for your living room, but the square footage in your studio apartment won’t cooperate with your gaming plans? Well, a master mini craftsman has created a seven-inch replica of Space Invaders that can fit on your desktop, coffee table, or bedside stand. It was cobbled together using the guts of a Game Boy Advance, some lilliputian controls, and a custom cabinet coated in shrunken decals that’s made of medium density fiberboard. Best of all, thanks to those Nintendo internals, there’s an entire arcade’s worth of games at your tiny fingertips. Between this and its diminutiveDonkey Kong cousin, perhaps mini arcade cabinets are the future of gaming. Video of the little gem in action is after the break.


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