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Tattoos from NY Ink’s Tommy Montoya

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3 Comments on “Tattoos from NY Ink’s Tommy Montoya”

  1. kenny says:

    dang fool that ink is tight

  2. gabriel vasquez says:

    Say homie i just wana say that your artwrk inspires me very much.i was recently incarcerated and after 8 1/2 yrs i just wana continue my goal of becoming a great artist.your wrk is sick….i got a creative mind and i see my tattoo wrk getting sicker than ever.i hope one day i could reach your level..much respect….

  3. Josh Doherty says:

    Was wondering how I go about getting a tattoo of my black lab by you. He is gone and ment everything to me. Very serious about this and can’t figure out how to go about getting it done by you. Want it to look as real as possible. Thanks,
    Josh Doherty

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