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A Convention of the tattoo arts starts today in SF Oct 21-23, 2011 be there!!!!

[VIDEO] 2011 Convention of Tattoo Arts coming to SF this weekend

Get your ticket at

Tattoos by Yutaro at Skull and Sword Studio, SF

See more at

Getting tattoo’d by Grime at the Convention of Tattoo Arts 10/21 – 23

I still don’t know what to get… I was thinking skull and snake on my forearm under my Tiger tattoo, any suggestions?

See more at .

You can check out his new book at

More details at the Convention of Tattoo Arts HERE.

Woot! finishing my tattoo with Henry Lewis this week, check out his work

See Henry’s tattoo work at

You can also see him at the Convention of Tattoo Arts, Oct 21 – 23, 2011

[VIDEO] Tattoo Age: Grime, Part 3

In a more personal look at Grime, we hear about how he has self published two books based on his personal art and journal writings. We also learn of his need to constantly create in order be self satisfied. Join the conversation on Facebook at


Grime gives us a little back-story on how he transitioned from a young skateboarder in Grand Junction, Colorado who thought his future was in mathematics to one of the world’s most accomplished tattoo artists.

See the rest at VBS.TV: Grime Part 2 – Tattoo Age | VBS.TV

[VIDEO] Check out Grime in action


Check out Grime at the Convention of the tattoo arts in SF October 21-23, 2011

Coming soon!!! A convention of the tattoo arts S.F. Oct 21-23, 2011

More details here:

Pics from my visit to Ed Hardy’s Tattoo City in SF

Neon sign out front

Look at all that Flash!!!

Cool Tattoo machine, lol!!!

See more at See all the artists there: Ed Hardy, Doug Hardy, Mary Joy,  Khalil Rintye and Jen Lee


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